Extra Income Report – January 2017

Welcome to my first monthly extra income report I decided it might be good to start doing a monthly look at what I’ve made through some of the various things I talk about on here, to give people an idea of what can be done – I work 4 days a week and have a 4 year old so this is all slotted in on my day off, evenings and weekends.

For a lot of these things, it may take weeks and months for the money to actually come through, so I’ve decided I will do my reports on the basis of cash actually received during that month because it’s easier to keep track of that way. So here we go….

Mystery Shopping – £240.10

Easily my biggest earner at the moment, and I have a recent post right here which tells you a bit more about what this involves and how you can get started.

Around half of this came from 4 high paying jobs (£25 – £50 range) with the remainder being multiple small jobs. I’ve only included actual fees paid here, not anything I did which was reimbursement of meals/purchased items, so in addition to this I received around £100 back for meals I’d paid for, which were (mostly) very enjoyable.

I hope to see this figure at least double for next month due to payments from a lot of work done over the Christmas holidays.

Matched Betting – £131.56

Not a particularly impressive month for matched betting as I didn’t not had much time to spend on it but still a nice bit of extra cash for not much effort. I’m aiming for £200+ next month. One of the great things about Matched Betting is anything you make is totally tax free. Check out my post here if you’d like to learn about how to get started.

Cashback – £106.77 a bumper month, which is largely thanks to getting my payment through from Topcashback for my broadband switch, which you can read more about here. I wouldn’t expect more than a few pounds next month.

Website/affiliate earnings – £29.40

Due to people clicking through and buying goods/services I’ve linked to here and elsewhere online so thanks ever so much if that’s you! I never recommend anything I don’t genuinely believe in and use myself. I hope to keep growing this over time.

Ebay/Amazon selling – £24.34

Just from clearing some clutter and selling off a few things that had been hanging around unused for ages. So far it doesn’t look as if I’ll manage to fit in any ebay listing in Feb but we’ll see!

Surveys – £12.62

£5.40 Onepulse and £7.22 from Prolific Academic this month. You can read more about the survey sites I use here. I have hardly any time for surveys at the moment so mostly just doing the quickest and best paying ones.

January 2017 Total: £545.79

I’m pretty pleased with this though my goal is to hit a steady £1k. Come back next soon to see how I got on in Feb!

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