How I bought £28 of toys for less than £7

Cheap kids presents

I’m definitely keen to make the most of my Christmas present budget this year and make sure I’m getting as much as I can for my money. I generally have a set budget for everyone’s gifts so when I make savings it means I get to buy more for them, which is a win-win as I do love buying gifts.

Looking out for opportunities to use multiple deals and promotions at the same time is a great way to ensure I get some good savings and can spread the Christmas cheer! Here are the steps I went through to get a great deal on some toy trains for my son.

1) Find a good retailer offer

Yesterday I was having a little peek at The Entertainer penny sale items (where if you buy one item full price you can get another for 1p) and spotted a couple of motorized Thomas & Friends Trackmaster toys were available (Charlie & Freddy). These are definitely on the list for Santa in our house this year. And last year. And for the last two birthdays and pretty much always to be honest.

They were priced at £14 each so the penny sale meant I could get 2 for £14.01. Now I’m often a bit wary with deals like these, wondering whether prices have been artificially hiked to compensate for the sale. However a quick check on Amazon showed that the Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Charlie Enginewas selling there at around £14 currently and had never been on sale for less than £10 (checked using camelcamelcamel) so this was indeed good value.

2) Check if you can get a discounted gift voucher

I’d also spotted in my inbox an offer from Zeek (where gift vouchers are bought and sold at less than face value) which gave me £5 off a gift voucher. They had £15 vouchers available for The Entertainer selling at 9% off so £13.70 with the usual discount, £8.70 after applying the promo code.

I’ve talked before about Zeek and how they often send promotional discount codes out to use on top of the ongoing discounts  – if you haven’t signed up yet you can get £5 off using and if you have, keep an eye on the emails they send for further codes!

I still have 99p left to put towards my next purchase so technically the spend on the trains was £7.71.

3) Get cachback on your purchase if possible

Finally, I made sure I went through Topcashback before making my purchase which means I get 84p cashback.

If you haven’t signed up to Topcashback yet, go through my link here to get a £5 Amazon voucher when you sign up. Make sure you that if you’ve already been looking on a website before deciding to buy you either use a different browser/device or clear your cookies before to ensure your cashback tracks.

So, this brings the total cost for these two trains down to £6.87, a total bargain with more than 75% off what I’d have paid had I bought these without using any deals.

I still have soooo many presents left to buy though, this year I’m quite behind on where I usually am due to being pretty under the weather for much of October. I’ll be sharing the best of any offers and promotions I come across either here or on my facebook/twitter page if short-lived – click the little buttons on the left and give me a follow so you don’t miss them!

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