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I’ve been using receipt snapping apps for a while now to get freebies and save a bit of money on my grocery shopping. They’re super simple – just check what offers are available in a particular shop, scan the barcode on your phone, then snap a picture of your receipt to get cash back.

Offers on these apps are often in-store only but sometimes can be for online shopping – the App will have details. In some cases you can get the full cost back making your item totally free. Often it may be 50% or a set amount of money back.

freebies, cashback, apps

The past week has been particularly good for freebies as I started using a new app Shopmium. Through this I got a Green & Black’s chocolate bar,  Hipp organic baby food pouch & can of San Pellegrino lemonade – all for free! This app is great as the money is paid directly in to your Paypal account as soon as the receipt is validated, so I’ve had the money back a day or two after purchase. Or you can opt for payment by BACS which takes a week. Other freebies on there right now include a Nutella & Go snack and Peppa Pig toothpaste.

To get yourself a free Green & Black’s chocolate bar, make sure you enter my invitation code KHFCEMEV when signing up .

I also regularly use Checkoutsmart (got some free ground ginger this week) and ShopitizeOffers  tend to last for several weeks on Checkoutsmart and current freebies include:

  • Schwartz recipe mix pouch
  • Jack Links Beef Jerky
  • Peperami Snack Pack

plus tons of money-off deals.

On Shopitize offers last for a week (though some things seem to be on there week in, week out) and

These two take longer to get your money back – there’s a £5 minimum payout with Shopitize, on Checkoutsmart there’s no minimum but Paypal fees are applied if you cashout less than £20.


Maxing the money-saving

Sometimes you can just claim the offer once, sometimes multiple claims are allowed, sometimes just one. This can be great if there is an in-store multibuy offer on as usually you can benefit from the offer AND getting money back which makes for even greater savings.

If you’re super keen on something or there’s a really good freebie, you can also use Snap & Save by Topcashback and ClickSnap by Quidco.  These are run by same company as Checkoutsmart and have the same offers which means you can’t submit the same receipt to all three, but you could buy a product 3 times and get 3 receipts. You’ll need to me a member of these two cashback sites  if not already – get a fiver by signing up through my Quidco link!

If you’re doing these you may as well download Receipt Hog which works a little differently. Take pictures of your grocery receipts (or even some other types of receipts), and Receipt Hog will pay you in coins which can be exchanged for Paypal/Amazon vouchers when you have enough. If you submit receipts regularly, you can earn spins at the “Hog Slots” slot machine, where you can win more money or even have your entire shopping trip paid for. Use code daz56456 when submitting your first receipt and we’ll both get extra spins.

Happy snapping!

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