How I get fibre broadband including landline for £10 a month: The power of cashback sites

Are you using a cashback site yet? And if not, why not?

It absolutely astonishes me that a lot of people never bother with cashback sites. Perhaps they think it’s a case of getting a few pence back for a lot of hassle, but actually these sites are really easy to use and can save you hundreds of pounds.

Just in case you have absolutely no idea what they are, they are websites which pay you money for things you buy online, as long as you have used their link to click through to the retailer. From utilities to travel to groceries and general shopping, cashback is available for a huge range of retailers.

In October, we were approaching the end of our previous contract for broadband so I started looking around at what deals were being offered. The criteria: fibre was a must due to the heavy usage in our house and Talktalk were off the table due to particularly appalling experiences with them previously…(I’m sure we’re not alone here…but honestly when your husband gets so enraged and frustrated he ends up crying out ‘you’re destroying our lives’ to the hapless individual on the other end of the phone you know it’s bad!)

I used one of the various comparison sites (I think it was to get an overview of what deals were available and also opened up Topcashback and Quidco so I could see what cashback was on offer for each provider. These two sites usually offer similar deals but sometimes one has an exclusive deal or special bonus on so it’s worth checking both.

It was soon obvious that BT was easily the winner. They had a pretty decent deal on anyway, with the total monthly cost for landline plus fibre broadband was £28.99 per month for a 12 month contract – or just short of £350 for the year.

In addition, they were offering £125 reward card for customers signing up to this deal – this is quite a common sign up reward now and usually comes in the form of a pre-paid mastercard that can be used anywhere you can use a normal card. I received this card within 3 weeks of our service starting.

On top of this, Topcashback were offering £101 cashback – just for clicking through to BT from their site. (sometimes you cannot get both cashback and a retailer’s own reward but both could be claimed here, this will be stated on the cashback site). I received this money 3 months after placing the order – there’s no guarantee on timing but the sites do give a guide as to how long it typically takes to get paid.

This knocks the total annual cost down to £121.88, or just slightly over £10 a month, which I’m pretty pleased with.

What else can you get cashback on??

Although there are only a limited number of purchases which attract such large rates of cashback, you can usually find a small percentage of your spend is offered as cashback for a huge range of retailers, and if you’re buying something anyway it’s so easy to click through to a site using the cashback sites link and get the pennies back. There are app versions of both Topcashback and Quidco as well for mobile shopping.

There are also a number of ‘free cashback’ offers available, where you can get cashback for signing up to free trials etc – just remember to cancel at the end of the free period.

You can even link your payment cards to your account and collect cashback for purchases made in store for some retailers, or get money off your grocery shopping by submitting your receipt – though I prefer using various apps for this as I talk about in this post.

And in case you’re wondering…our switch was totally hassle free and service has been great so far.

Let me know if you’ve had any amazing cashback deals yourself or want to know more about how it works!

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