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Zeek is an app (and now website) which allows you to buy giftcards/vouchers and get a discount on face value, or sell them if you need cold hard cash rather than whatever the giftcards can buy.

I’ve used it a number of times as whenever I’m buying something online I check to see if there is a discounted e-voucher available. You receive e-vouchers immediately when the purchase is made.

The discounts vary as it’s up the seller what they offer which depends how popular they are likely to be – so you can often find up to 30% off for some retailers, especially on high value cards, whereas you’ll probably never get more than 1% for Amazon because everyone wants those, but hey, 1% off is still a quick and easy money saver.

I’ve also occasionally bought physical vouchers for use in store, these are supposed to arrive within 7 days though it has generally been faster for me. Zeek is the intermediary for all purchases and offer a full money back guarantee in case you have any problems.

You can get £5 to put towards a gift card/voucher by signing up with my link here.

You won’t be able to get a totally free voucher with this, as Zeek’s processing fees mean it’s not worthwhile for people to sell £5 ones, and even £10 ones are rare, but if you put it towards  a voucher for somewhere you will spend money anyway – supermarkets, Amazon etc – it’s a pretty nice saving.

Occasionally Zeek randomly put £5 in accounts or offers similar promos for existing members, which is of course always highly appreciated!

I have never personally used the selling side – there is always something I want when I get a gift card! However the process seems simple to use. You choose your own discount and Zeek take a 7% processing fee or £3, whichever is greater. Payment is 14 days after the purchase to allow for verification.

Let me know if you get any bargains!

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