How to make thousands risk free with matched betting


I couldn’t run this blog and not share the most lucrative and easiest way I have come across to make money from home, so here is my matched betting story.

I started matched betting at the end of 2015 last year and have made approx £4k-£5k since then (I don’ keep very meticulous records) which is probably below average, a lot of people with a bit more time achieve five figures in a year.

I stumbled across the idea of matched betting after a few unfortunate events meant I was worried about paying for our planned trip to the Edinburgh Fringe and googling ways of making extra cash pronto. I’d never placed a bet before in my life, but within 3 weeks I’d made enough to pay for our 2 nights of accommodation and spending money for seeing shows and food whilst there – holiday saved!

As I imagine many of you will be if reading about this for the first time, I was initially deeply sceptical. I mean, making decent risk-free money by placing a few bets sounds too good to be true, right?

I had vaguely read about it a few times over the years, but it always sounded incredibly complicated and difficult, with lots of working out to do. However, I now discovered a service called Profit Accumulator where everything you had to do was clearly and easily set out for you – offers found, step-by-step instructions given, plenty of advice and support provided, even a very active discussion forum used by many other matched bettors who share their tips and tricks.

I also found a few articles had been published in legitimate sources showing how this could work, such as The Guardian, Huffington Post and even a Wikipedia page.

Still uncertain, I signed up for my free trial and quickly doubled my £50 starting money, with no risk. Now convinced, I signed up for a full year of membership and never looked back.


In a nutshell, matched betting is taking advantage of bookies’ offers by placing a bet with them and laying against it on an exchange.  When bookies give free bets or other offers, there is profit to be extracted here. The way it works, it doesn’t matter what the actual outcome of the event is – your profit is the same regardless of the result.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand what any of these mean, watching the video on Profit Accumulator and reading all the info on there should make it clear and really is the best way to start.


Check out the free trial on Profit Accumulator and give it a go! In addition to all the support you can find on PA, I’m also happy to offer assistance and answer questions to anyone signing up through my affiliate link – just follow and DM me on twitter or email me on

If you only have £50 to get started, it will be a slow process to begin with, particularly if you have to take money out of your betting bank. The more you start with and/or the longer you can keep money in your pot you use to do offers, the more you can make, and more quickly.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know a thing about betting, or even sport full stop, as everything is fully explained for you on Profit Accumulator.

It’s helpful, but not at all essential, if you have a separate bank account you use just for this, but you don’t have to worry about that if you just want to give it whirl, it was months before I started doing this.

As mentioned above, my record keeping is practically none-existent, but that is because of having very limited time which meant I really had to focus on using it to just get offers done rather than recording what I was doing. However most people find it useful to keep some form of spreadsheet or notes, and there are templates and suggestions available on Profit Accumulator for this.


Absolutely – though in the long wrong it all depends how much time and effort you are willing and able to put in. This isn’t some kind of get rich quick scheme.

The sign-up offers mostly pretty straightforward, and absolutely anyone should be able to make several hundred pounds just from these, maybe up to £2k. So even if you left it there, that’s a nice boost for anyone’s bank balance!

After this, it’s certainly possible to keep making good money, but it does get a bit harder. The ongoing offers can be a bit more complicated and/or take a bit more time. Once you’ve gotten all the practice from the sign-up offers though, these will seem much quicker and easier.


I wouldn’t ever say to people this is a guaranteed income for life, as bookies are understandably not too keen on people doing this. You WILL eventually get banned from doing promotions on some accounts, referred to as being ‘gubbed’. They’ve been tightening up lately and you might even get banned from some straight after doing the sign up – don’t get hung up on it and move on to others. That being said, there are plenty of people who still have most of their accounts and make thousands a month. There’s lots of information and discussion around this on the forum.

To maximise what profit you can make, you do ideally need to be able to some time on a Saturday (morning preferably) and evenings when the mid-week football is on, though you can still make some money even if these times are no good for you.

There are peaks and troughs thoughout the year, with some times seeming fairly quiet and then a glut of offers for major events like football trophies and horse racing festivals.

It’s not usually advisable to try and have two or more people at the same address doing this, as bookies Ts & Cs usually mean offers are available for only one person per household.

Income from matched betting is TAX FREE.

Again, more information on all of this is available on the Profit Accumulator website. I intend to write another post in the future with some of my top tips and tricks and other advice, but hopefully this is a good starting point – happy to answer any questions!

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