Earn money from surveys: which sites which are worth the effort

Survey sites which pay fairly and aren't deadly dull

I’ve just had word that my latest £50 cheque for completing surveys is on its way to me so thought I’d do a post on my favourite survey sites. I have tried a LOT of these over the years and have ditched the ones that I find too time consuming or deadly dull for the reward offered, but there are a few I still use where the surveys are fairly quick and/or interesting and I often get a payout from.

I tend to do  a few of these whilst watching TV or quick ones on my phone whilst out and about and usually bank £30 – £60 a month. So drumroll please, here are the ones I consider the best…

Populus Live

This is the one that I’m getting the £50 cheque from this month and I tend to see 2-3 of these per year. Populus say the pay is £1 for 5 minutes of your time and this seems pretty accurate, in fact I’d say it’s usually a bit better than that. I tend to find their surveys really interesting as they are often asking questions on current events and politics.

You will be emailed when a survey is available for you and but surveys do fill up fast so do them as soon as you get chance. Payment is automatic by cheque once you reach £50. You can join here.

Prolific Academic

This is technically not a survey site, it’s a site where you can take part in research studies, but as these mostly take the form of answering questions online it’s very like a survey site and the topics are generally quite interesting.

You can read more about this in my post on earning cash by taking part in research studies, but basically these are typically well paid and you can cash out when your balance reaches £5, though waiting until £20 is better to avoid paypal fees. You will sometimes be emailed when you are eligible to take part but it’s better to check the site when you get chance and see what’s available. Click here to join.


This is an app which offers SHORT surveys (max 3 multiple choice questions) which pay 10p – 25p for each one. This doesn’t sound like a lot but it soon I generally get around £10 a month from this app and it doesn’t feel like work at all as they take seconds to do.  Follow this link on your phone to get the app.

OnePulse survey result

I actually often choose to do the non-paid surveys, as not only does this increase your chance of getting offered more paid ones, but this app always lets you see in the results how people have answered and I’m quite nosy about what other people think so I like seeing that, for example, 51% of people think that technology will ultimately *save* us all and 49% think DESTROY (I’m with the 51%. On this occasion).


This one can be a mixed one – they do have lots of fairly quick interesting surveys, and you will often see these mentioned in news reports as like they do opinion polling in the run up to elections/referendums and just to see how people think the various political leaders are doing etc.

So if you want to feel part of public opinion this is a good one to join! I do find sometimes I get one that is a bit boring e.g. loads of questions on banking products so I just ditch these. Payment is usually 50p per survey and you can cash out at £50. Join YouGov here

Have I missed any good ones you like? Let me know if so!

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Earn money from surveys; Survey sites which pay fairly and aren't deadly dull

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  1. October 17, 2016 / 6:23 pm

    Ohh, thanks for sharing this. I have tried these in the past but never got anywhere close to getting any money out of them so gave up!

    Corinne x

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