A floral dress and floppy hat for fire night

Floral dress floppy hat

Last week I was feeling pretty grim about having a full week back in the office following two glorious weeks off.

At our house, Friday night is usually Fire Night, so this was a good time to try and perk myself up and celebrate the death of summer/start of autumn with cider and some good tunes. The week had seen hot temperatures and an incredible electrical storm and now, you can definitely feel the Autumn in the air.

When I’m especially keen to shake off the workday blues, I always find it helps to get changed as soon as I get home into something a bit more fun than whatever I’ve been wearing at work. A pretty dress is always guaranteed to help lift my mood, and although this one was bought in the summer sales I can imagine wearing it with layers and boots quite a lot over the next few months.

It’s from Tu at Sainsburys and set me back just £4.60. Although a majority of my dresses are second hand, when it comes to buying something new I do often find I pick up an absolute gem from the Tu range, especially when they have the sales on. They have some really nice prints on their new dresses too, so I’ll be keeping an eye on those.


The hat I bought from Scope ages ago, I love a good floppy hat and this has lain neglected on top of my wardrobe for too long so I’m going to try take it out and about a bit more. The sandals came from a shoe shop in Elche, Spain a couple of years ago (beautiful leather).


When it comes to drinks by the fire, you’ll almost always find me with a fruity cider of one sort or another. I love that there are so many different flavours and types available now and I was tempted to give the Pimm’s Cider a go as it’s one of the few I haven’t tried yet. I’m worried it might be weird though so stuck with an old favourite.


New dress, fire, fruity cider, Absolute 80s radio playing some absolute belters….what more could a girl need?


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